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Start a Hedge Fund

Volatile markets over the past few years have had a significant impact on the hedge fund industry.  Investment professionals are leaving large brokerage shops and investment banks in an effort to generate alpha without the product and structural limitations of these larger institutions. The best solution for this is to start a hedge fund.

A major hurdle in launching a hedge fund is the legal and fund administration work involved in the fund formation and operating processes of managing a hedge fund.

Investment managers must create a cohesive business that integrates their trading acumen with a fund management and administration solution that provides quality client service to the fund investors.

Stonegate Global Fund Services is the leading hedge fund start up group with an in house team that meets the needs of prospective hedge fund managers.  From legal and compliance to capital introduction, our industry experts guide managers through the process of starting a hedge fund.

Starting a Hedge Fund Covers:

  • Preliminary evaluation of the investment strategy and business considerations
  • Defining fund structure with legal and compliance
  • Providing fund documents and offering documents
  • Establishment of a Prime Brokerage account
  • Fund Administration including monthly or quarterly accounting, calculating the fund’s NAV, shareholder reporting, investor subscriptions and redemptions, as well as facilitating capital calls
  • Capital introduction with third party marketing relationships
  • Leveraging our strategic audit partner relationships to provide the annual audit for the fund
  • Developing a marketing and media kit for the fund
  • On-going consultation


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*Stonegate is not a broker-dealer. Each account is customized for an individual client and may or may not include all services listed above. Each account requires approval by Stonegate Global Fund Services at its sole and absolute discretion. Any and all securities and/or brokerage services are offered through and provided by a Stonegate-designated, FINRA registered broker-dealer.  Stonegate Global Fund Services does not provide legal services.  Any and all legal services are offered through and provided by a Stonegate-designated attorney and/or law firm. Stonegate Global Fund Services does not provide tax advice.  Any and all Tax services are offered through and provided by a licensed CPA firm.